106-3887 S&S Cycle Chrome Oil Pump Kit for 1999-'16 HD® Big Twins

IDR 36,749,000.00


S&S® oil pumps use the drive gears on special S&S® gear drive cams to pump oil to the engine. Unlike stock pumps, S&S® oil pumps regulate oil pressure after it is filtered, providing more consistent oil pressure at all temperatures. Crankcase scavenging is increased while oil carryover and drag on the flywheels is reduced. Oil temperature can also drop by as much as 20°F. Fits 2002-'06 carbureted & EFI big twins (except 2006 Dyna®), may be used in 1999-'01 engines with aftermarket ignition or EFI (see note below), and fits all engines built with S&S® T-Series crankcases. Features and Benefits. Replaces stock oil pump, cams, cam support plate, bearing plate, bearings and decorative gearcover. Uses drive gears of special S&S® gear drive cams to pump oil. Oil pressure is regulated after the oil filter is more consistent pressure to the engine. Increased scavenging capacity results in: Less oil in the crankcase. Less power loss. Less heat build up. Less oil carryover.This S&S® oil pump is NOT compatible with 1999-'01 engines with stock fuel injection or ignition systems which require a cam position sensor in the gearcover. May be used in 1999-'01 engines if an aftermarket ignition or fuel injection system is installed - that does not require a cam position sensor. Finish Chrome