31-2070 S&S Cycle Crankcase Breather Valve 1999 - 2002 BT

IDR 3,498,750.00


Valve Assembly Breather Reed Packaged 1999 - 2002 BT

• The S&S crankcase breather valve not only eliminates oil carry-over, but provides a slight increase in midrange horsepower
• It's easy to install when changing cams or servicing the oil pump

• The valve is simple but ingenious. It consists of a machined billet aluminum body which contains four steel reed valves

• The valve body slides over the pinion shaft and inside the pinion bearing bore, contained between the pinion bearing outer retaining ring and the oil pump

• The reed valves allow air and oil mist to escape from the crankcase, but does not allow them to re-enter