31-6200 S&S Cycle Billet Oil Pump Kit For 1936-'69 HD® Big Twins

IDR 9,698,750.00


Billet Oil Pump Kit For 1936-'69 HD® Big Twins (without Gears & Shims)

Fitment:1936-'69 HD® big twin

Features & Benefits:
- Same width oil supply and return gears as the stock HD® aluminum pump.
- S&S® pinion and oil pump drive shaft drive gears increase potential oil volume delivery by 25% over stock on 1972 and earlier engines.
- S&S® pumps for 1936-'67 engines used with the S&S® oil pump drive gears deliver 33% more oil than the original cast iron pump.
- Machined with an oil pressure relief bleed off passageway- relieves pressure build up on top of the valve to maintain consistent oil pressure.
- Oil pressure regulation bypass routes excess oil directly to the supply side of the pump & reduces the amount of oil returned to the tank, less foaming and cavitation.
- The standard pump cover allows total flexibility for oil system configuration with a number of oil feed and return options.