310-0025 KN74 Generator Style Engine

IDR 258,273,750.00


Flathead Power KN-Series engines are very close in appearance to a stock knucklehead engine but offer a number of modern features for more power, better engine life and improved reliability. Ideal for bikes with stock drive train. Won’t break your stuff!


  • 1936 – 1999 chassis

Features and Benefits

  • Standard 74" compression 7.5:1
  • Authentic generator style crankcases
  • Super E carburetor
  • 346 camshaft
  • Super Stock® ignition
  • Hi-temperature black cylinders and heads
  • One year warranty

Note : Alternator/generator cases have 1948-’99 style front motor mount. Will not fit stock knuckle frames. Generator style engines have stock motor mounts for 1936-’47 style frames, but can be used in 1948-’99 style frames with front motor mount spacer, part #31-2017 (included). Alternator/generator cases require a transmission with 1970-up length mainshaft, and custom exhaust pipes must be fabricated.