310-0828 V111 Black Edition Engine

IDR 177,148,750.00


S&S V111 engines are perfect for applications that require great horsepower and torque, but not at the expense of dependability and engine life. They are similar to the V124 engines, but the shorter stroke results in lower piston speed for longer engine life, and less vibration. The lower compression ratio makes fuel requirements less critical, and the automatic electric compression releases make starting even easier.

Features & Benefits

  • Short stroke produces less vibration and longer engine life
  • Large cooling fins- increase cooling efficiency
  • Shorter than stock height makes installation easy
  • Gloss black rocker covers, air cleaner cover, oil pump, gear cover, tappet blocks and pushrod tubes
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in USA


  • 111 cubic inches
  • S&S Super E carburetor
  • S&S Superstock Ignition
  • S&S forged rocker arms
  • 585 cam