320-0616 S&S Cycle Flywheel 4-3/8" Stroke with Tapered Rods w/o balancer gear for M8 Models

IDR 39,998,750.00


The flywheels are the heart of any performance engine and S&S Cycle has been perfecting the art for over six decades. Stronger, more durable, and trued to a spec others can only dream of, the new cranks for the Milwaukee-Eight® platform are the best of the best to build your high performance engine around.

  • 4-3/8" Stroke (107 or 124ci)
  • no balance gear included (can be installed)
  • Heat Treated 4140 Material is harder & more than twice as strong as stock
  • Stronger assembly eliminates need to weld crankpin
  • Capable of higher RPM - More available power!
  • S&S High Strength Connecting Rods are designed with Finite Element Analysis to eliminate weak spots and handle more power!
  • Tapered wristpin connecting rods compatible with stock pistons
  • Balanced for stock piston weight (1060g)
  • Perfect for Gear Drive Cams
  • Consistent balance & precision machining
  • Capable of higher RPM – More available power!