33-5352 S&S Cycle High Performance Hydraulic Tappets

IDR 8,198,750.00


High Performance Hydraulic Tappets for 1984-'99 HD® Big Twins And 1986-'90 HD® Sportster® Also 2000-'16 HD® Sportster® Models

S&S® offers high performance tappets for 1984-'99 HD® Twin Cam 88® and Twin Cam 96® engines, 1986-'90 HD® Sportster®. These tappets are a great choice for any stock or high performance application. Only the finest materials and precision machining techniques are used in the manufacture of these lifters, and strict quality control insures that they will work flawlessly every time, no matter what the application. Whether you have a stock 88 incher or the most outrageous big inch engine with a radical cam and spring combination, S&S tappets are built to take it. Sold as a set of 4, HL2T kit not included.